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Zionist Israel

All we seem to hear from the Mass Lame-Stream Media & the Government  minions is how IRAN want’s & plans to Destroy poor little Israel.  “If they get “The Bomb” they will surely launch it against Tel Aviv” or some shit like that.

If that is so – then how is it that IRAN has the 2nd or 3rd LARGEST JEWISH POPULATION living within its borders, and no harm seems to come to them? And that same Jewish population refuses to move to Israel.

It time all you NeoCons and other Sheeple wake up to who and what ISRAEL is and who runs it – Cause it sure as shit aint the Jews.

Here are some links to read up on.  Yeah i know, it will be hard to see some real facts that FOX and CNN won’t tell you – but i suspect you area all grown up enough to make some of your own decisions…




Go ahead and call me all the names you want – like Anti-Semite.  That’s always a good one. Its the one most used buy the Zionist against those they hate for bringing out the truth.

Funny thing is – most of you don’t even know what a Semite is, let alone an Anti-Semite – But FOX and CNN would never ever lie to you would they.  Nah.