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Surrounded by Idiots

What is it with people in this country?  We have the greatest information/news gathering ability of any past generation via the Internet – Yet the mass of the populace choose to live in grand ignorance of reality by listening to CNN or FOX (as well as the the other MSM).  And then they continue to argue the facts with Sean Hannity or Wolf Blitzer sound bites as if they know the Holy Truth.

This includes both you moron Republicans & Democrats.

You fools who go on and on about how the D’s or the R’s are the only problem and that if we could only “Vote” in a critical mass of R’s or D’s – It would surly solve all the problems.  Are you really that fucking stupid?  Or is it that you are just to pussyfied to admit that you have been duped over and over for decades by your precious party?

Just once in my lifetime it would be nice to see the population wake the fuck up and stop being so damned stupid at every “Election”.

While I consider myself to be on the Conservative side – I try to not lock myself into any party affiliation.  But as I meet more people who ID themselves as Conservative or Liberal – It is scary how soundbite brainwashed you all are.

I was talking with an older Conservative today – a very obvious FOX news watcher.  All he could talk about was all the money we give to the countries that “Hate” us.  How Israel should bomb the shit out of Iran as they would like to harm Israel and that Israel is our “Ally”.  Yet when I told him that Iran has the 2nd or 3rd largest Jewish population living in complete peace inside of Iran he was dumbfounded. “I never heard of that” he said.  I told him that was because FOX does not want you to know it.

He said that Iran is the threat with wanting a Nuke (for self defense), yet Israel is OK with over 300 Nukes.

Wake the Fuck Up.

Ignorance is not bliss – Its just ignorance.